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New Release-Special Pattern Magnetic Tiles

by CHENZEWEI on April 14, 2023

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by Jon on January 30, 2024

I bought the Soyee brand of magnet tiles as a Christmas gift for my almost 4 year old child. I would buy it again.

I discovered a problem in the kit I purchased. Soyee provides great product support by direct email and not through Amazon customer service. This had me cringing due to past dealings with overseas manufacturers. I really started to worry when I did not receive a response or even a confirmation from their webpage service request form, online chat client or the Idaho based proxy phone number. After three attempts at each, I tried the support email address on their webpage. I received a response over night. I emailed a short and small video file of the issue and Soyee support didn’t hesitate to find a solution at no cost to me.

I have not used the name brand toy but I am very happy with the value of the Soyee magnet toys and with the customer service is equal to top popular brand toys.


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